This morning I woke up and discovered that snow has fallen overnight. Not much but still enough to take some toys outside to play. The perfect toys for the adventures in the snow are the blindbox series Thimblestump Hollow. This series contains 10 different characters designed by Chris Ryniak and Amanda Louise Spayd. There are three colorways: Leprechaun, Carnival and Tropical.

The artists couple Chris Ryniak and Amanda Louise Spayd are the creators of many resin figures and art dolls called Dust Bunnies. If you don’t know them you can visit them at their online shop called Bindlewood.  Here they sell all kinds of merchandise and also their time released resin figures. There will be a resin figure release coming up on March the 3rd. Follow them on social media for more info.

The Thimblestump Hollow figures are one of my favorite toy series when I want to do a photo shoot in my garden. So you can imagine how excited I was when I heared the news that there will be a new series coming up soon. I can’t wait! In the meantime I want to complete my collection. Still on the hunt for the Tropical colorway and a few characters of the Leprechaun colorway. At Cardboard Spaceship there are still two colorways available but also a purple d.i.y. edition.

Photography: Marianne Roosa / Toy design: Thimblestump Hollow by Chris Ryniak and Amanda Louise Spayd / Toy Manufacturer: Cardboard Spaceship

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