One of the things that a toy collector in Europe will have to do is to buy from online shops in other countries. So I thought why not start with doing reviews. It may help other collectors and also help the artists/toy shops.

So this is my first unsponsored, honest review about buying pins from the Circus Posterus online shop located in the USA.

Photography: Marianne Roosa / Enamel pins: Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters


When I saw these beautiful enamel pins with the designs of Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas they were high on my wish list. But… I had my doubts. Buying from countries outside Europe can become expensive because of the shipping costs and the import fees and tax.

I really wanted to add these pins to my collection so I decided to go for it. So how was my buying experience? I knew Circus Posterus would refund shipping costs but I preferred to ask them for a shipping quote. I send them an email and not long after I already received a reply telling me how much the shipping costs would be. They were much lower than the shipping costs mentioned on the website. So if in doubt just contact them. If I wanted to place an order I could do so via email. I asked for a PayPal invoice and that was no problem. When the package was send I received an email with the tracking code. To my surprise I also received a small refund of the shipping costs. After only one week I already received the package. I was counting on at least two weeks waiting before delivery. So that was a nice surprise too! The pins were send in a small box and I did not have to pay anything extra when it was delivered. Even though my order was small I did receive good customer service and the package also included free gifts. Little things like this make the buying experience so much more fun. The pins came in a small plastic bag with backing card. The quality of the pins did not disappoint me. Heavy pins with two safety backings. To make a long story short… Big thumbs up for Circus Posterus! I will definitely buy here again.

The only thing that was missing from the package was a business card. My advice… always send a business card with every order. Especially if you send something to Europe. People can give them away to other people and spread the word about your shop/work.

Enamel pins by Kathie Olivas


Trouble girl #10 pin by Brandt Peters… delicate, detailed and beautiful colors… Perfect!

Stickers included as free gifts.


The back of the pins with two safety backings.


New display for CP pins… I am sure more pins will follow 

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