Today a look at one of my all time favorite vinyl toys. I had to take advantage of this beautiful afternoon and took ‘Patch’ out for a photo shoot in the garden. ‘Patch’ is one of the four vinyls toy designed by Camille Rose Garcia in 2006.

I think I love ‘Patch’ so much because she is not the stereotype girl that you usually see as a vinyl toy. She’s 14 inch tall, girly and cute, has pink hair but at the same time looks cool with her black smokey eyes and eyepatch. So different from Isobelle by Ashley Wood or the Keiko dolls by Fools Paradise. I can see why men want to have these girls in their toy collection but I am not interested.

Luckily there fantastic female artists out there that have designed some cool toys that I want to have in my toy collection. To name a few: Two-faced Hazel, Clementine and Elizabeth (from the Wandering Misfits 1) by Kathie Olivas, No Ordinary Love by Camilla D’Errico. You will probably see some of them in my future blog posts.

Photography: Marianne Roosa / Vinyl toy: Patch by Camille Rose Garcia / Toy Manufacturer: Necessaries Toy Foundation


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