Special days like Valentine’s day are always a perfect opportunity to take theme toy photos. February is a good month for photos with a love theme. So it’s time for me to dive into my mini props box and look for hearts, roses and chocolates. I know it is a bit clich√© but they are perfect to capture the mood. I always like to try a few things out when I do the styling. Do I use a background drop or not? Sometimes a small change can create a big change in the ambience of a photo.

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

Photography: Marianne Roosa / Blind box toys: Wandering Misfits by Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters / Toy Manufacturer: Cardboard Spaceship

More photo’s of my 2018 Valentine photo shoot:

‘Tea Lover’ – Photography: Marianne Roosa / Toys: Lunartik Mini Tea by Matt Jones

‘All my Love’ – Photography: Marianne Roosa / Toys: Qee by Julie West and Jamie Hayon.

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