I did a photoshoot in the garden today with ‘Mother Nature’ a custom toy by Ian Rout aka Uncle Absinthe. My passion for gardening has crossed over into my toy collection. I love toys that have a connection with nature one way or another. When I first saw a photo of this custom Bella Delamere by Doktor A that Uncle Absinthe did for ToyCon UK I knew I had to have her in my collection. Not only because I already have a small collection of work by Uncle Absinthe but Doktor A is also one of my favorite British toy artists. Lady luck was on my side so I was able to take her home with me after my visit to ToyCon UK.

In the garden it became clear this was the perfect setting for ‘Mother Nature’ and her companion. The garden was their natural habitat. Both toys became even more beautiful when surrounded by plants and leaves. The structure of the leaves and wood look amazing. It was so much fun to take these toys outside so I am sure more photo shoots will follow with the rest of my Uncle Absinthe collection.

Photography: Marianne Roosa / Vinyl toy: Bella Delamere by Doktor A / Toy Customizer: Ian Rout aka Uncle Absinthe


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