ToyCon UK

This weekend the sixth edition of ToyCon UK will take place in London. Just like last year it will be a two day event. ToyCon UK is the place to be when your are a designer toy collector. I have visited this event four times and I have never been disappointed. It was always fun meeting other collectors and meeting the artists and seeing their amazing work. As far as I know this is the only designer toy event in Europe that you can compare with DesignerCon in the USA but on a much smaller scale.

This year I will not be going. But I look forward to see all the photos on Instagram. This year a few big names will not be present but there are a lot of Asian toy brands and designers that will have a booth at ToyCon UK.

In the meantime I would like to share with you some of the toys that I have bought at ToyCon UK. I always have a theme in mind when I buy things because I want the everything to fit in my collection. This protects me from impulse purchases. There are three main themes: Mixed media/plush creatures, Robots and Flora and Fauna. I still love everything that I have bought at ToyCon UK so that is a good thing!

So many talented toy artists show their work at ToyCon UK. If you have a chance then go and check it out! There are still tickets available.

Photography: Marianne Roosa / Plush-Mixed Media toys from left to right: Whispering Bat by SukiSuki, Neese, Tree rune staglet by RachMakes

Photography: Marianne Roosa / Robot theme: Cris Rose, Just Robots, HX Studio, 1000 Toys, Andrew Byham

Photography: Marianne Roosa / Flora and Fauna theme: Uncle Absinthe, Mujuworld, Tomodachi Island

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